Remix Album
Vermilion Sands

posted: 2023-12-28 Pale Machine 2 bo en

A pretty fun listen compared to the original, as a full re-imagining of the original album it takes a lot of tracks in a lot of fun directions and I found myself liking even some tracks I wasn’t a huge fan of in the original! Not every remix works perfectly, and some tracks don’t feel quite as good (primarily “Our Time”, though I’m still a huge fan of that beatdrop) but a lot more saves from me here vs the original! I do feel though that to some extent, this reimagining loses some of the identity and uniqueness the original has, and sticks out a lot less as an interesting project. That’s not a super bad thing, as the original album was a lot harder to enjoy due to its quirks, but I can understand how a big fan of the original album may not enjoy this. Nonetheless, groovy and fun album! – Jeffdev, AotY