Vermilion Sands

posted: 2024-03-20 Compassion Vijay Iyer / Linda May Han Oh / Tyshawn Sorey

released: 2024-02-02
on label: ECM
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This was one of the most satisfying jazz albums that has come out in the past few years. Though this certainly has its roots in the ’70s, Compassion is bursting with life and modernity in a way that just makes you feel happy. The trio make the whole record feel so full and lively without making it too dense or overbearing. The melodies come and float by like clouds over that nostalgic ECM-style production that is probably my favorite flavor of this style of jazz. My god the timbre, it’s so lovely and full and just creates this beautifully spine-tingling sensation by how crisp and intimate it sounds. The whole record buzzes with this beautiful atmosphere that really makes you appreciate our modern audio equipment. There are a few tracks that don’t quite stand up to the others, but those first three tracks were transcendental; an incredibly intriguing mood that has been very hard to capture for the longest time for me. Lovely record.