Vermilion Sands

posted: 2024-03-26 To Fire Clay Prizes Roses Rosa

With a production style that is difficult to quantify, Prizes Roses Rosa lays out their most cohesive experience yet. Beginning with the drums, a tribal theme of dissonant bongos, shakers, tap rhythms, light kicks, bright cymbals and jazzy basslines usher in a ceaseless, yet tempered pulse. On top of the drums and bass is a chimeric forest of enchanting Psychedelia. An incredible array of samples ebb and flow, allowing snippets of electric guitar, chimes, kalimba, and woodwind to play alongside large reverberations of keys, backing vocals, ocean sounds, and much, much more.

The nature of the record is to drift into the soundscape it so graciously provides. The majority of the 48 minutes are captivating, allowing the listener to glide along a canopy of synthesized streams. To Fire Clay is not a narrative to follow, but a romance to lose oneself in; a glimmering suspension of mind.