Vermilion Sands

posted: 2024-01-31 Parrhesiastes John Zorn

released: 2023-12-08
on label: Tzadik
artist: John Zorn
genre: Jazz Fusion
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The progressive and ultimately accessible aspect here is superb. Zorn’s style synthesis is evident. In the spirit of this work, we find the early efforts of the composer, with his inimitable way of breaking codes and styles, chaining them unexpectedly. There is also his recent manner of prioritizing melody, to the point that sometimes he transports us to the heart of unprecedented brilliance.

It’s not that the sound is bad. On the contrary, as is often the case with Zorn’s albums, the sound is very carefully crafted, clearly isolating each instrument. However, we are faced with a production that is perhaps too linear to best serve the overflowing imagination of the master. One dreams of a Steven Wilson at the helm, or a Rick Rubin, a somewhat old-fashioned producer, who know how to adapt, organize, and magnify the music.

This album, truly magnificent, could have risen even higher with a production that embraces and exalts Zorn’s creativity more fully. An album that truly deserves to stand out distinctly above the fray.