Vermilion Sands

La question Françoise Hardy

released: 1971-10-16
on label: Sonopresse
genres: French PopChamber FolkChanson
with some: Baroque PopBossa nova
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“Throughout her career, most of Françoise Hardy’s arrangements have tended toward the lush, though in a good way. La Question is lush too, but it’s one of her most sparsely produced efforts, usually finding her voice accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar, touches of bass, and very subtle orchestration. Much of the record’s lights-low ambience could be attributed to Tuca, who played guitar, co-arranged, and co-wrote most of the tunes (though Hardy did contribute to the composition of a few tracks). It may be her best post-’60s effort, songs like “Chanson d’O” and “Le Martien” featuring some of her most whispery, seductive vocals.” - Richie Unterberger, AllMusic