Sountrack Album
Vermilion Sands

posted: 2023-12-31 Refuge Carbon Based Lifeforms

released: 2013-12-31
on label: Leftfield
genres: AmbientFilm ScorePsybient
with some: Drone

Refuge represents a kind of bridge between 23 and Interloper; a direct continuation of the classic sound of the Swedes and a smooth transition into the updated sound of the last album. The seven compositions of Refuge seem to be woven by one thread – the juicy, rich and dreamily drawn-out melodies of each composition, with occasional percussion joining in, smoothly flow into one another so neatly that the seams are practically invisible (the only thing that stands out from the general series is the trance-like “Escape”, which is clearly discordant with the rest of the tracks). Otherwise, this is a bright and deep release.