Vermilion Sands

posted: 2024-02-14 Hex Bark Psychosis

released: 1994-02-14
on label: Circa
artist: Bark Psychosis
genre: Post-Rock
with some: AmbientJazz-RockSlowcoreChamber Jazz
more reviews: Record Collector

A masterpiece of unrivalled beauty and complexity, Bark Psychosis’ Hex channels the experimentation of the group’s prior singles into a more controlled setting; a series of atmospheric set pieces, the songs find a common ground between accepted musical formulas and avant innovation – at first glance, tracks like “Big Shot” and “Eyes & Smiles” appear tightly structured, yet they avoid the dynamics of conventional songcraft like choruses and solos with remarkable dexterity. Similarly, both “The Loom” and “Fingerspit” are too melodic and finely honed to pass as mere ambient soundscapes, leaving the record best ascribed to a force not unlike alchemy – Hex begins with base musical materials, but transforms them into something mysterious, haunting, and breathtakingly visionary.