Vermilion Sands

posted: 2024-04-29 To Save Us All Herhums

released: 2024-03-17
on label: The Vault
artist: Herhums
with some: Ambient PopChamber Folk
see also: Album of the Year (74%) • Discogs Music Brainz Rate Your Music (3.49 / 5)

The sophomore album from South Korean folk artist Herhums is a collaborative effort with legendary songwriter and producer Mid-Air Thief, resulting in a breath-taking and ethereal psychedelic folk experience. Clocking in at just 26 minutes, this album manages to pack an emotional punch that resonates deeply with listeners. One of its most striking qualities is its ability to evoke a profound emotional response, reminiscent of the heartfelt and evocative folk records crafted by Ichiko Aoba. Despite the language barrier, Herhums’ music speaks volumes, touching listeners’ hearts and even bringing them to tears. Mid-Air Thief’s production elevates the album to new heights, adding layers of depth to its simple and airy folk instrumentals. The result is a truly captivating folk album that transports listeners to another realm, making it essential listening for fans of atmospheric and ethereal folk music.