Vermilion Sands

Ekstasis Julia Holter

released: 2012-03-08
on label: Rvng
artist: Julia Holter
with some: Dream PopAmbient PopEthereal Wave

“Ekstasis abounds with originality and depth; soars and sinks; expands and implodes; evolves and dissipates; crackles and breaks all within one cohesive sound.” - No Ripcord

“Ekstasis is a challenging listen, but a rewarding one. It’s fiercely experimental and aggressively unfamiliar. Yet it’s an album that doesn’t try to intimidate or hide within its unfamiliarity.” - Beats Per Minute

“Ekstasis is not the sort of oceanic wash you lose yourself in; instead, Holter’s music has a way of snapping tiny moments and small sonic gestures into focus.” - Pitchfork