Vermilion Sands

The Stone Babble

released: 1994-03-08
on label: Reprise
artist: Babble
genre: Downtempo
with some: Big BeatTrip HopBreakbeatDubTribal HouseProgressive House
listen at: Spotify YouTube Music

Babble would have you believe that they changed their name from the Thompson Twins because they have adopted a radically different musical approach that necessitated a new identity. Actually, the change probably had more to do with the poor sales of their last album under the old moniker, the unfortunately titled Queer (1991), which didn’t make the charts, culminating a gradual decline in their fortunes since Into The Gap was a Top Ten million-seller in 1984. In fact, The Stone sounds a lot like a Thompson Twins record, especially when Tom Bailey is singing, although the group has brought in some ambient sounds, borrowed some cheesy Indian restaurant music, and stolen the main riff from “I Am the Walrus.” It has also hired a rapper named Q. Tee. These are not improvements. By whatever name they choose, Bailey and Currie have not returned to form.