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Psychedelic Rock

Rock which emerged in the mid-1960s that often attempts to emulate or enhance the effects of psychedelic drugs.

a sub-genre of: RockPsychedelia
sub-genres: Space RockAcid RockHeavy PsychRaga Rock
1971 The Doors L.A. Woman
1971 Edgar Broughton Band Edgar Broughton Band
1971 Can Tago Mago
1971 Curved Air Second Album
1971 Gong Camembert electrique
1971 Hawkwind In Search of Space
1972 Kevin Ayers Whatevershebringswesing
1973 Can Soundtracks
1973 Robin Trower Twice Removed From Yesterday
1973 Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
1973 Can Future Days
1973 Faust Faust IV
1974 Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs
1975 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
1991 Julian Cope Peggy Suicide
1991 The Legendary Pink Dots The Maria Dimension
1993 Porcupine Tree Up the Downstair
2002 Jupiter Apple Hisscivilization
2004 Ozric Tentacles Spirals in Hyperspace
2004 The Legendary Pink Dots The Whispering Wall
2011 The Amazing Gentle Stream
2021 St. Vincent Daddy's Home
2021 Kadavar & Elder ELDOVAR - A Story of Darkness & Light
2024 Monkey3 Welcome to the Machine